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04 Jan 2017

Europe’s Last Pagans

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Harumph! I always thought the last European pagans were we Lithuanians (converted 1386). How do you like this?


Photojournalist Ikuru Kuwajima recorded Mari life when he journeyed deep into Russia’s Mari El republic – about 600 miles east of Moscow. Under Soviet rule, the Maris were encouraged to abandon their way of life and join the mainstream. Most joined the Russian Orthodox church during the Soviet era. But many kept their pagan traditions alive in secret, practising witchcraft and animal sacrifice, believing in half-men, half-deities called ‘keremets’ and seeking communion with Nature – a source of absolute good.

Probably distant cousins who lived way out there in the boondocks.

Not Balts though. Wikipedia says they’re Finno-Ugric speakers.

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