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10 Nov 2022

It Made No Sense

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The strangest election I’ve even seen.

Reacting on the Fox News Channel to the GOP’s underperformance in the 2022 midterms on Tuesday, economist Stephen Moore described what happened as perhaps the strangest election he’s ever seen in his long career.

Trace Gallagher introduced the segment by pointing out that polling suggested that the Democrats would be on the receiving end of a red-wave rout over the cost-of-living crisis.

“What’s your assessment?” he asked Moore, the FreedomWorks financial expert and former Trump advisor.

“I very seldom admit that I was wrong, but I was in that camp. I thought the Democrats would take a shellacking for what they’ve done to our country, with the four trillion dollars increase in government spending, and the runaway debt, and the runaway inflation,” Moore admitted. …

“But I’ve been in this game a long time, 35 years or so. This may be the strangest election I’ve ever seen, in this sense: We know the people are angry. They’re angry about inflation. They’re angry about the out-of-control border. They’re angry about crime and other issues. And yet, I don’t think they’re was a single incumbent in either party — I may be wrong about this, there may be one or two exceptions — not one incumbent governor or senator lost, which means the voters said, ‘whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.’”



Jim Hoft was disgusted:

In a normal time, in a normal country, voters would reject record gas prices, record inflation, record crime rates, war and corruption.

But not today.

Once again, Democrats proved they can survive anything as long as they have their fraud.

Americans reject every single dish the Democrats served. Yet, Democrats shocked Americans on Tuesday to win the US Senate, steal battleground states, and possibly keep the US Congress in Nancy Pelosi’s control, one of the most corrupt and dishonest politicians in US history.

Republicans dominated in states like Florida and Ohio, states Democrats have not yet stolen with their mail-in ballots, bloated voter rolls, ballot trafficking and manufacturing operations.

But Democrat John Fetterman, who never held a job and cannot form sentences, won in Pennsylvania. Colorado stole popular conservative Lauren Boebert’s seat with their mail-in voting. Georgia elected a Trump-hating governor but Marxist radical Raphael Warnock who likes to scream about whitey at his church won the first round of the Senate race. …


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