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19 Mar 2021

Tennessee Senate Votes to Fire Entire State Historical Commission

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“When asked to name the greatest soldier of the war, Robert E. Lee replied, ‘A man I have never seen, sir. His name is Forrest.’ ”

Nathan Bedford Forrest had 30 horses shot out from under him and, pari passu, personally killed 31 enemy soldiers. At the commencement of the war, Forrest was a self-made millionaire, one of the richest men in Tennessee. He lost everything in defense of his native state.

Not surprisingly, the State of Tennessee used to honor the memory of one of its greatest heroes and defenders with a bust in the state capitol.

Happily there has been a serious response to Forrest’s targeting by left-wing Cancel Culture.

Newschannel 5:

Not even two weeks after the historical commission voted to remove the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest from the state capitol, state senators are trying to vote to remove all members from the commission.

Senator Joey Hensley, a Hohenwald Republican, sponsored the bill. It would replace all of the members of the 29 person commission with 12 new members.

Currently, 24 of the commissioners are appointed by the governor of the state. Sen. Hensley’s bill would reduce the total number of members to 12. The governor, Lt. Governor and state speaker of the house would each choose four members.

While not specifically mentioning the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest in the meeting, members made references to decisions the historical commission has recently made.

The commission voted to remove Forrest’s bust from the capitol building on March 8.

Forrest is a controversial figure in the state’s history. He was a slave trader, Confederate war general and [a claim Forrest explicitly denied – JDZ] one of the first leaders of the KKK. His image displayed prominently outside both houses of the legislature has been the center of many protests through the years.

“In our culture today it seems there is a desire to cancel history, cancel culture, cancel narratives that are just based on fact. I think that that’s a dangerous precedent,” said Tullahoma republican Senator Janice Bowling.


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