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13 Apr 2015

Polish Prince Challenges UKIP Leader to a Duel

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Telegraph story

I don’t think there are any Zylinski families possessing a princely title, and I’m very skeptical of the successful-cavalry-charge-that-saved-6000-Jews story, but I do like his attitude.



I should have looked it up before posting. There is indeed a Polish Princely Żyliński family, descended from Rurik, taking their name from a locality in the palatinate of Smolensk. That cavalry charge story sounds much more believable to me now.

19 Nov 2011

Nigel Farage Addresses the EU Parliament

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European Parliament, Strasbourg, 16 November 2011, Nigel Farage tells the European Parliament that the Euro is a failure and that the members he is addressing have no democratic legitimacy.

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