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21 Mar 2012

The Republican Budget Versus the Obama Budget

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I’d call that a significant choice.

Ezra Klein offers the left’s intellectually bankrupt and futile response. Young Ezra has nothing to offer but emotionally manipulative appeals to sentimentality. The Obama budget must be supported, regardless of consequences or affordability because it spends lots of money on the poor. “The poor” are a species of Brahmanic sacred cattle whose interests trump reality.

It doesn’t matter if you bankrupt the country and strangle economic growth affecting everyone. If you fail to immolate the American economy on the altar of bleeding heart social consciousness, you are just mean!

Ezra is a member of the economic school that wants to raise taxes (and stifle economic activity) now. After all, as unidentified “experts” cited by the Associated Press announced today, no study accepted by the left proves that drilling (and thereby increasing petroleum supply) reduces gas prices.

If you are simply an irrational emotionalist, economics is whatever left-wing studies say it is, and the proper operation of any economy really consists of transfers of wealth from the more affluent to the less affluent members of society.

Hat tip to Bruce Kessler.

08 Apr 2011

Posted to My Classmates

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Federal deficit-spending is impairing economic recovery and posing a grave threat to the future well-being, and even the safety, of Americans. We are looking at the real possibility of losing the dollar as reserve currency as well as the US position of financial and political leadership, and losing even the ability to fund a military capable of sustaining our country’s role as a world power.

If we do not want to condemn the next generations of Americans to a shrinking quality of life in a country which has declined into impotence, obscurity, and despair, we are going to have to make very significant and dramatic political changes.

Rembrandt van Rijn, Belshazzar’s Feast, 1635-8, oil on canvas, National Gallery, London

Essentially, we are seeing today, in both Europe and America, the arrival of the time in which the post-WWII Welfare State is proving financially unsustainable. The theory that the establishment elite could redistribute to the cannaile a sufficient quantity of the wealth produced by the productive sector of society to overcome the inherent disadvantages of sloth, intoxication, and criminality as a life-style, or at least to raise them to the level of the working classes, has proven to be futile, counterproductive, and a dream. The associated theory that labor cartels could successfully employ propaganda, intimidation, and governmental coercive force to deliver upper middle class life-styles permanently to modestly skilled workers has already failed conspicuously.

Communism collapsed a few decades ago, and the lesser gods of the religion of the Left are failing now. If you can’t have a Welfare State and you can’t have Trade Unionism either, it isn’t clear what there remains of an imaginable left-wing agenda.

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