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07 Apr 2006

Terrorist Attacks Thwarted in Italy

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San Petronio, Bologna
Basilica of San Petronio, Bologna

Guiseppe Pisanu, Interior Minister of Italy, announced that security forces prevented two Islamic terrorist attacks, scheduled to occur directly prior to the upcoming Italian elections. One attack targeted the Milan subway system; the second was aimed at Bologna’s 14th century Basilica of San Petronio, whose circa 1415 fresco of The Last Judgement by Giovanni da Modena

Giovanni da Modena, Last Judgement, San Petronio, Bologna

visualizes an uncomplimentary final fate for the Prophet Mohammed: bound to a rock in Hell, being clawed by demons.

Mahound getting what's coming to him

Mahound has been getting what’s coming to him in Bologna for nearly six centuries so far, whether his infatuated and fanatical disciples like it or not, and it seems that the artists of Christendom, in Italy at least (if not in Borders) will continue to be able to express their opinions of the prophet for some time to come.
We previously published another image of the painting. And we too have consigned Mohammed to Hell (Ã la Dante and Gustave Doré), just go to our right column button links and click:

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