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12 Dec 2008

New Theory of Sphinx’s Age

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Press TV:

A British geologist claims the Egyptian Sphinx could be much older than previously thought and might have originally had a lion’s face.

Colin Reader says the rain erosion on the Sphinx’s enclosure suggests it was built before the first pyramid was constructed about 4,500 years ago.

Reader believes the monument’s style shows that it dates back to the Early Dynastic period, making it several hundred years older than what previously thought.

Experts also found that the body of the Sphinx is disproportionate to its head, showing that the sphinx’s original head was something else – a lion for instance – and re-carved later to be modeled on Pharaoh Khufu’s face.

Since the monument already has the body of a lion, experts think it could have had the face of a lion as well, dailymail reported.

Furthermore, lion was a symbol of power to early Egyptians and the animal inhabited the wilds of Giza in ancient Egypt.

Geologist Robert Schoch was another expert who studied the Sphinx in the 1990s and claimed that it was built at least two thousand years before the widely accepted construction.

Both Reader and Schoch based their claims on the weathering features found on the Sphinx and the surrounding enclosure as well as the ones found on other Giza monuments such as the Sphinx Temple, believed to be constructed at the same time when the Sphinx was built.

Hat tip to the News Junkie.

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