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01 Dec 2010

Probably Russian Shipwreck Found in Stockholm

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Jens Lindstrom/Swedish Maritime Museum
photo:Jens Lindstrom/Swedish Maritime Museum

The Daily Mail reports on an intriguing maritime mystery.

The remains of a ship dating from the 1600s [or earlier — DZ] have been discovered in the centre of Sweden’s capital.

The wrecked vessel, thought to be Russian, was stumbled upon by a labourer renovating a quay outside the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

Archaeologists are particularly interested in a previous unknown technology used to build the boat.

The planks of the ship are not nailed down, but sewn together with rope. …

‘We were super-excited. It may sound a little strange when one finds little excavated pieces of parts of a ship, but I have never seen anything like it,’ he said.

With the exception of another ship found in 1896, all other shipwrecks uncovered in and around the Stockholm harbour have featured planks that were nailed together. …

‘We really know nothing about this technique other than that it was used in the east,’ Mr Hansson told The Local website.

Mr Hansson guesses that the ship is from east of the Baltic, possibly from Russia.

The ship’s position, well into the quay, reveals that it is from the 1600s or earlier.

The wreck was not necessarily linked to the yard, however, and archaeologists have been unable to say how long before 1700 it might have sunk.

Marine archaeologists will send samples to Denmark’s Copenhagen National Museum for analysis to be dated as precisely as possible, with results expected by January 2011.

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