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30 Apr 2017

“Worlds Apart”


Heineken has a new fantasy/sermon posing as a commercial which attempts to persuade us that the insane positions taken by left-wing crackpots are perfectly normal and mainstream, and that those cooler and more enlightened lefties could easily convert their boring and unfashionable reactionary adversaries into pals. Mutual understanding, respect, and comradeship would blossom if they just built Ikea furniture and drank a Heineken together.

The commercial gets it wrong early on. Ideologically-deranged misfits would, in the real world, prove to be physically incompetent and too obsessed with grievances and self-importance to cooperate. Fussing over Ikea instructions and trying to find the Allen wrench and all the little screws makes people irritable and more, rather than less, inclined to open anger. The bar would never get built. Nobody would get a Heineken.

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