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19 Nov 2009

Obama Receives Tae Kwon Do Black Belt

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Barack Obama received a lectureship in Law at the University of Chicago without ever publishing any legal articles or monographs. He won election to the Illinois State Senate (in a solid democrat district) without opposition by disqualifying his primary opponents. He won a seat in the United States Senate effectively unopposed (Alan Keyes ran a token candidacy) because the real Republican candidate withdrew after a democrat judge disgraced and humiliated him by releasing his scandal-fodder divorce papers. Then, Obama was elected President of the United States, having done nothing as a Senator except run for president, with a record completely void of meaningful political accomplishment of any kind. He recently followed up all that by being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely nothing.

On his current trip to Asia, Obama managed to add yet another meritless achievement to his already lengthy list. President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea, who himself is a practioner of Tae Kwon Do (the Korean version of Karate, noted for lots of kicking) presented Obama with a black belt. Needless to say, the new TKD black belt has never practiced, never tested, never so much as thrown a kick.

Obama could easily identify with the Duke of Wellington who, when asked which of his numerous honors and titles he most esteemed, identified the Order of the Garter because it had “none of this damned nonsense about merit in it.”

LA Times

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