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03 Aug 2006

The Democrats Don’t Need a Senate Majority To Call the Shots


Reuters reports:

A group of mostly Democratic U.S. senators blocked legislation on Thursday that would have raised the federal minimum wage for the first time in a decade, because it also would have permanently cut estate taxes paid by the rich.

On a 56-42 vote, the Republican-led Senate failed to get the 60 votes needed to clear the way for final congressional passage. Earlier approved by the House of Representatives, the bill would have raised the $5.15-per-hour minimum wage to $7.25 over three years.

It doesn’t matter in this country if you elect Republican majorities to both houses of Congress, you still can’t reform Social Security, confirm a Republican president’s nominees, or abolish the death tax.

Finding themselves in the minority, the democrats simply held a secret meeting in which they amended the Constitution without telling the rest of us.

The secret and undisclosed XXVIIIth Amendment reads: “When the democrat party is in the minority in the Senate, all controversial or significant legislative acts will require a Supermajority of sixty votes for passage.”

Probably efforts are actively underway to give democrat senators in future Congresses the famous Liberum Veto, a right (once accorded Polish senators, which had a great deal to do with the Partitions that eliminated Poland from the map of Europe) to dissolve the legislature and negate all legislation passed during the current session, simply by uttering the phrase nie pozwalam “I do not allow it!”

Even the Republican leadership’s spineless compromise with democrats agreeing to the economically fallacious raising of the minimum wage could not obtain the concession of the majority’s right to legislate.

If the democrats can run Congress as they please from a minority position in both houses, what won’t they be able to do once they regain majorities? Anyone who thinks that the sacred Senatorial filibuster will successfully impose the same 60-vote Supermajority requirement for major democrat legislative objectives or confirmations of appointments is living in a dreamworld.

We elected Republican majorities. The problem is that we failed to elect any Republican Senatorial leadership.

This kind of thing makes one wish one could send Bill Frist and Mitch MConnell off to a Swiss clinic where they would give them a series of injections of masculine sex hormones, and install some backbones.

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