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18 Feb 2013

New US Military Award

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Not content with introducing women into combat, the Obama/Panetta Defense Department is reportedly well along in the process of inventing an important new military award.

Atlantic Wire:

[T]he Distinguished Warfare Medal… will be given for “extra achievement” related to a military operation. That would include drone pilots operating unmanned planes from halfway around the world, or even hackers who launch a successful cyberattack on an enemy. Unlike all other combat-related medals, this would be the first one that you can be awarded without actually putting your life on the line. …

The Distinguished Warfare Medal would be the first combat-award created by the Armed Forces since World War II, and would become the fourth-highest ranking combat decoration. (It would rank above the Bronze Star, but below the Silver Star.)

Rico has a few suggestions for additional awards the Air Force might consider adopting.

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