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05 Oct 2016

Pence Won Big

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Mike Pence obviously won. He was articulate, and projected a kind of simple human decency that seemed downright incongruous in midst of the 2016 presidential electoral shitstorm.

Tim Kaine made the best of a bad position by hastily interrupting Pence over 70 times whenever Pence seemed to be delivering home a strong or effective statement. Kaine was additionally assisted by moderator Elaine Quijano, who also rapidly interrupted Pence whenever he got close to scoring and who then took care to change immediately the topic under discussion. When, I wonder, will Republicans ever start insisting on taking control of political debates out of the hands of biased representatives of the mainstream media?

It was impossible to watch last night’s debate without reflecting that, if Mike Pence were running against Hillary, Hillary’s goose would be cooked, and we’d be looking forward to a GOP landslide in November.

Pence as Vice President, combined with Donald Trump’s age and corpulence, is obviously the only really good argument for voting for Trump. Now, if Donald could just be relied upon, like William Henry Harrison, to give a really lengthy inaugural address without wearing an overcoat…

Too bad for Trump that he cannot change arrangements and send in Pence for the next two debates with Hillary as his champion and surrogate. Pence is not only a very decent debater, the guy is genuinely likable.

As Iowahawk put it:


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