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05 Nov 2017

At Yesterday’s Auction

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Webley Mark VI 1917 Revolver with Rare Pritchard Greener Bayonet.

Lot #998
Low Estimate: 2,000 High Estimate: 3,000

Sold for: $1,300.00 (plus 25% buyer premium)

This revolver has all matching serial numbers and features six shot, double action, octagon barrel. Lanyard ring removed. Chip in lower left grip. Cylinder never trimmed. All British inspector stamps. Indexes and locks up perfectly. Very good rifled bore. Crisp factory stamps. Metal is basically soft plum gun metal grey. Very good example of a 1917 dated Webley used in the trenches during World War I. It is accompanied by a scarce Pritchard Greener bayonet that attaches to the revolver. Has a brass hilt, 8-1/4″ blade. Patterned after a shortened French Gras bayonet. Right side of the guard is stamped “W.W.G.” in oval with elephant facing blade. Also stamped “Patent No. 171143/16”. Description of this invention can be found on pages 115-116 and seen on plate 52 in “The Webley Story” by Dowell. This exact style bayonet with identical markings was sold alone at a major auction house September, 2014. Maker for a wicked looking weapon. Accessories: bayonet with sheath. Barrel Length: 6″. Caliber/Bore: .455 Webley.

Expensive, but apparently quite a bargain. The rare bayonet has sold for over $2000 alone at auction. You can actually buy a replica at Amazon for $149.95 (or $124.95 in a lesser quality version).

Impressive looking, but one does wonder: did any British officer ever actually use one of these during WWI?

27 Mar 2015

Webley & Scott May Reproduce the Old Mark VI

The Webley Mark VI .455 revolver, used by British officers from 1915 to 1963.

Back when I was in high school, you used to be able to buy great, big, enormous hand-filling Webley pistols by mail order from Stoeger and other vendors for peanuts. Today, they have become collectible and are getting to be expensive.

I just learned today that Webley & Scott, Gunmakers are offering to build a replica if 1000 enthusiasts will put down a deposit of $100. The rub is that Webley & Scott are not presently telling us what the final price is going to be. Rumors are that it will be roughly $800.

If you absolutely have to have one of these, Captain Carruthers, you can sign up here.

Personally, I think they should reproduce the extremely cool Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver, the same arm that the wicked Mary Astor used to shoot Miles Archer in The Maltese Falcon.

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