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04 Jun 2011

Worcester College Tries Banning Library Topless Half Hour


Worcester College Library

The Daily Mail reports that Worcester College, Oxford (Rupert Murdoch’s alma mater) is attempting to suppress some undergraduate examination period hijinks.

Worcester College was founded in the 18th century, but incorporates portions of Gloucester College, a Benedictine foundation dating to 1283, dissolved by Henry VIII in 1539.

Undergraduates at Worcester College have been threatened with disciplinary action if they continue removing their tops in the library on Wednesday afternoons.

A group of students calling themselves the Breakfast Club started stripping off in 2009 to brighten up boring revision days.

Up to 40 male and female students became involved in the group action for a 30-minute period between 3pm and 4pm every Wednesday

They carry on their work partly-clothed – some of the girls are even said to have removed their bras.

However high-profile visitors including heads of state regularly visit the library as part of a tour of the university, and there have been a string of complaints.

Librarians sent an email to the college saying the practice was ‘unacceptable’ and ‘a distraction to other readers’.

In their email to students, the library committee warned: ‘While half-naked half-hour may have seemed like a piece of harmless fun, we ask you please to stop this kind of behaviour in the library.

‘If inappropriate behaviour continues, library staff will refer the matter to the Dean.

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