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17 Sep 2022

Marshall Ouidinot Was a Hardy Chap

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In 1847, Nicholas Charles Oudinot, Marshal of France, 1st Duke of Reggio, also Count Oudinot, died at the age of 80 at Paris. Present in many great battles of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire (he won especial distinction at Zurich and Genoa in 1799 and 1800 respectively, and later at Friedland (1807)). The battle of Wagram (1809) got him his Maréchal’s baton, and his Dukedom. His last active service was in the French intervention in Spain in 1823.

The Duke is known to have been wounded 34 times in battle, being cut by swords and sabres, hit by artillery shell fragments, and at least twelve bullets over the course of his military career.

His wounds never slowed him down, on the battlefield or in other respects (married twice, father of 11 children).


He reminded me of someone else.

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