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23 Jun 2014

Tiny Little Screech Owl Stares Down Texas Sissy


Colton Wright of Fort Worth, Texas achieved dubious international renown, even making British and Canadian newspapers, by posting two short videos depicting his own impression of a 1950s housewife terrified of a bat getting caught in her hair. In Wright’s case, all the shrieking and foul language was occasioned by the presence of a handsome and tiny, little red morph screech owl.

Wright shared roughly a minute of his hysteria and pleading with the fearsome predator, but apparently the confrontation between owl and rodent went on for something like 40 minutes. In the end, Wright successfully persuaded the owl to perch on his Swiffer mop, then maneuvered his passenger out an open widow.

Lord! What a fuss over a tiny bird. There was a time when Americans used to wrestle alligators for fun and take on black bears with Bowie knives.

Daily Mail

Toronto Sun

Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

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