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24 Aug 2013

Zanjeer, Hero of Bombay

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Parachutiste Francais forwarded the above photo with the caption:


Ce chien s’appel Zanjeer.

Il a sauvé des millers de vies pendant la série d’attentats à Bombay en Mars 1993 en détectant plus de 3,329 kgs d’explosifs RDX, 600 détonateurs, 249 Grenades à main et 6406 sous munitions.

Il a été enterré avec les honneurs.



A fitting homage for a true hero.

The dog was named Zanjeer [meaning “metal chain” in Persian].

He saved thousands of lives following a series of attacks in Bombay in March 1993 by detecting 3,329 kg. of RDX explosive, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades, and 6406 rounds of live ammunition.

He was buried with honors.


Zanjeer (1992-2000) was a Golden Labrador who worked as a bomb detecting dog for the Bombay Police. He died of cancer in 2000 at age 8, and was buried with full honors by the Bombay Police.
The above photograph began going viral last March around the time of the twentieth anniversary of the Bombay attacks.

HuffPo ran a story at the time.

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