16 Nov 2005

Why has the Republican Revolution Failed?

They have not reformed taxes. They have not reduced federal spending. They have not repaired Social Security. And they are starting to crawfish on the War on Terrror. We may soon lose control of Congress, and when we do, will we really care?

Maybe we can get Ronnie Earle to indict a few more members of the useless, worthless, and invertebrate Republican Congressional leadership which has frittered away the historic opportunity to produce change afforded by the electoral victories of 2004 through lack of principle and sheer cowardice. What do we need democrats for, when we have the so-called Republicans we have?

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Conservative Movement has gotten ahead of itself. We have learned how to win elections, but in too many cases we are just electing the same bloviators and opportunists as the democrats. I’m afraid it’s back to drawing-boards again for Conservatism. It’s not just about winning elections, and securing Congressional majorities. We are going to need to be a lot more certain about whom we are electing.

One Feedback on "Why has the Republican Revolution Failed?"

Tim Browne

Yeah! Right on! What you write is exactly why I voted for the Constitution Party candidates that were running in my district in 2004. Today’s Republicans are an embarassement to the Reagan Revolution.


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