16 Nov 2005

Zarqawi “Deeply Humbled” By Senate Debate


The Point Five blog reports:

Zarqawi, forced against his will to fight by an imperialistic US policy, pauses during his tireless struggle, to reflect on the meaning of good and evil.

Zarqawi, who has been conducting a Iranian- backed resistance against the nascent Iraqi democracy, is believed to have been fundamentally shaken by the prospect of a an official denunciation of torture by his long-time enemy, the United States. He is reportedly holed- up in a safe house in Ramadi contemplating his next move.

“This really has knocked Zarqawi on his heels,” said Peter Welker, a Middle East expert with the Welker Group. “The introduction of this legislation has sent a wave of doubt through the entire insurgency. The United States— the focus of so much of their hate— suddenly seems like a shining example of decency. They’re suddenly stopping in the middle of assembling an IED, or while strapping on a suicide belt, and questioning everything they believe. We expect to see a mass surrender of arms and a huge shift to a more political focus for Zarqawi’s group.”


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