21 Nov 2005

JDZ appears on BBC radio

I spoke briefly this morning on BBC radio, in my capacity as author of the Never Yet Melted blog, deploring Rep. Murtha’s proposal for American withdrawal from Iraq, and disputing the contention of members of a selection of other multi-national pundits and journalists that a majority of Iraqis were opposed to the current US role in establishing democracy in Iraq.

It was a very last minute sort of thing. The invitation arrived by email, which I only got to while the program was already underway, and my emailed apology, along with contact information, for too-late response (Pacific Time Zone) produced a phone call from the BBC, and a speedy connection to the program.

If my comments proposing war-duration internment camps for US subversives forty miles south of Barstow, presidential-appointment of Pope Benedict as the Islamo-extremist desired Caliph, and the immediate bombing of Hanoi (Better late, than never!) were not too off-putting (only kidding!), and an invitation of this sort is ever renewed, I will try to alert readers.


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