20 Nov 2005

The OSM Saga Continues…

Dennis the Peasant aka Kenton Kelly reveals his side of the story.

About the dog.

Earlier battle report from Dennis.

Dennis responds to Roger by outing himself.


Ann Althouse podcast for 47 minutes. Essentially, she’s happy enough with her blog advertising now. She expressed skepticism about rosy promises. Roger Simon was not persuasive at recruiting over the phone. He emphasized financial aspects too much. She places a very high value on the ethos of blogging and independence. When they failed to agree, he ended by hanging up on her.

Ms. Althouse says that she was attacked in Little Green Footballs (I believe it had to have been in Comments), and she blames the proprietor (I think mistakenly) for loosing his minions on her. I get abusive attacks in my Comments, and I’m the proprietor, so I don’t think it’s a question of anybody encouraging anyone.

Ms. Althouse had a certain amount of fun about the quality and selection of material currently featured on OSM. She suggested that it might have been better to do a soft launch, and perfect and improve operations in front of a much smaller limited release, early-adopter audience.

Ms. Althouse’s opinions were presented informally and digressively in the course of a lengthy stream-of-consciousness, ex tempore podcast, which format may be relied upon to preclude their wide dissemination.


Richard Bennett identifies a defender of Roger L. Simon as Roger’s wife.

Blogs4God has linked some of the latest reports, including ours.


FrankJ sums up the current situation.



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We’ve lost part of your comment there, I’m afraid.

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