28 Nov 2005

Forgotten Favorites

Catherine Seipp, who blogs on Cathy’s World, discusses the mysterious unfairness of the progress of the world by which some past authors remain famous and abundantly in-print, while other, like Ruth McKenney, Peg Bracken, Ernie Pyle, and others, are undeservedly discarded from the publishers’ lists and forgotten. Even today, it can be impossible to find, with all the book search utilities there are, titles which not necessarily rare, but which have merely escaped the antiquarian book dealers’ radar screens, usually simply as the result of not having been identified as desirable within a recognized category of book-collecting.

If any book dealer out there has a copy for sale, for example, of Heather Mixture by “Klaxon,” not listed anywhere as the result of not being understood to be a Game Shooting title, the owner of this blog is eager to purchase it.

One Feedback on "Forgotten Favorites"

Tom Lyons

Is your Heather Mixture request still valid ? I have a copy.


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