28 Nov 2005

That Bear


Responding to recent humiliating demotions in Ecosytem Rankings, many much-lower-on-the evolutionary-ladder bloggers are probably feeling that TTLB is really lower than themselves, that TTLB ought to be saying of itself, as Julianne (played by Julia Roberts) said in My Best Friend’s Wedding:

I am pond scum.

No… Actually. Lower. I am the fungus
that feeds on pond scum. Lower.
The layer of mucous that cruds up
the fung…



The pus that infects the mucous
that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum.

(Trace of a smile)


Kidding around aside, the big change, as far as is visible, seems to have amounted simply to a renumbering of how many links make a blog a this instead of a that. My Top Posts has always not worked, and still doesn’t. My link count has gone up, rather than than down, the opposite of my location on the food chain, but some links (including prominent ones like NRO (which produced 6K hits in one day) have never apparently been listed or counted, but TTLB’s count is still higher than Technorati’s. Go figure.


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