29 Nov 2005

Natural Gas not a Fossil Fuel?

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WorldNetDaily reports that developments in deep-drilling for natural gas present serious challenges to those who still maintain “Fossil-Fuel” theories as to the origin of complex hydrocarbon fuels. The Oklahoma GHK Company has found Natural Gas in two wells drilled to depths greater than 30,000 feet (approximately 5.7 miles), too deep for the remains of dinosaurs to be found. A Japanese Company, Teikoku Oil, produces equipment specifically for use in Japan’s Nagaoka and Niigata fields which are producing natural gas from bedrock that is volcanic in origin.

(Some) might stretch to argue that even if no dinosaurs ever died in sedimentary rock that today lies 30,000 feet below the surface… those levels (may) contain some type of biological debris that has transformed into natural gas. That argument, a stretch at 30,000 feet down, is almost impossible to make for basement structure bedrock. Japan’s Nagaoka and Niigata fields produce natural gas from bedrock that is volcanic in nature. What dinosaur debris could possibly be trapped in volcanic rock found at deep-earth levels? Deep-earth natural gas strongly supports the theory that the origin of oil (also) is abiotic, not organic in nature.

The growing evidence of the possibility of an abiotic, geological origin of so-called “fossil fuels” would be a very serious blow to leftist critics of modern industrial civilization. Predictions of the impending exhaustion of allegedly limited supplies of precious natural resources are a staple of leftist critiques of Capitalism and the American way of life.


Mr. David Nix, a classmate of mine at college, has thoughtfully passed along this link to an article on the American Association of Petroleum Geologists web site.

California blogger Gahrie supplies some links to materials on the abiogenic theory.

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David Nix

David Z — This appears to be substantiation for the Russian-Ukrainian theory of abiotic petroleum generation, which has been around for quite a while. I heard a very interesting discussion of it on NPR a few of years ago. Here is a link to an article on the American Association of Petroleum Geologists web site:



I wrote about this subject on my blog back in September. I have links to five other articles concerning this issue.


Jim Curtiss

Creating leftist bogeymen at the end of your article was a lazy way to end an otherwise interesting piece.

Chris Skinner

Right on,Mr.Curtiss.All these bigoted extremists of the far political right-wing have the childish mentality and intellect of a five-year old child when it comes to the same tired old “us vs. them” confrontation politics.The liberal boogeyman is to blame for just about everything…… including liberal instigated earthquakes,tsunamis,cyclones and liberal-caused volcanic eruptions on Mars.What ever makes you feel good emotionally and superior,I guess.

Do these bigots get addicted to their brain’s own natural drugs and neurotransmitter highs when judging and condemnation of others,or what?

Truth is,many arrogant and closed-minded conservatives in mainstream science have fought viciously and stubbornly against any and all new ideas,concepts and radical thinking outside the box.Even to the point of severely persecuting visionaries who were way ahead of their time.

For the longest time,it was mainstream scientific conservatism of the West which always denied the undeniable.Even in the face of overwhelming amounts of hard data and evidence.

And wasn’t it those terrible,dastardly leftist Russian commies against capitalism who conspired to create this abiotic petroluem theory? Even while Western conservatism in science kept saying it’s all of fossil origin?

Chris Skinner

Truth is,I think both the fossil oil camp AND the abiotic oil camp go overboard to extremes,when the actual reality is probably far more complex.

The fossil oil people go to the extreme of claiming that ALL oil is of fossil origin.Conversely,the abiotic crowd claims that ALL oil is abiotic.Actually,the real truth is probably somewhere between the two extremes,because all the evidence conclusively shows TWO origins,rather than just one…… although the abiotic oil and gas may indeed be far more vast than the true fossil fuels.

Some of the original primordial hydrocarbons seeped out of the Earth to become living things.Then the algae,bacteria,primitive fern forests and various marine life returned back to the Earth from whence they came to form deposits of coal,oil and gas.

Most of the carbon deposits of fossil origin are shallow deposits located within only a few miles of the Earth’s surface.The fossil fuel is intermingled together with the abiotic fuel.But deeper down,it’s all abiotic.

Another way in which the abiotic camp goes to the extreme is in their arguement that oil is infinite,which is absurd,when you really think about it.The size of the planet itself is limited and finite.Abiotic hydrocarbons simply means we have more oil than originally thought…… which of course,is a really good thing,because it buys more time to develop technology alternatives before it finally depletes for real.

Suresh Bansal

Current fossil oil theory has very strong evidence that oil has been expelled from organic rich source rock and trap to the reservoir ,even than it is not correct because source rock has not been formed from organic matter+mud ONLY. but it has been formed from mud+organic matter+pre generated abiotic hydrocarbons ( once present on the surface of the earth in past geological time.) organic matter has contaminated these abiotic hydrocarbons in the burial history of the formation of the source rock).sureshbansal342@gmail.com


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