22 Mar 2006

Kozulin to Form Opposition Government


Mosnews reports:

Belarus opposition leader Alexander Kozulin and his campaign headquarters staff are currently working on the plan to set up an alternative government in the country, Gazeta.ru said Wednesday.

The “People’s Trust Government” project will then be introduced to the political council of Belarus democratic forces.

Alexander Kozulin previously called for an end to the demonstrations in October Square, and is suspected of functioning as an agent of Moscow or the Minsk regime. One wonders if he is about to be promoted internationally by Russian Intelligence as a purported democratic opposition successor to Lukashenko, but one who who would, in reality, continue to operate as a puppet of the Kremlin.

One Feedback on "Kozulin to Form Opposition Government"

Ivan Lenin

Kozulin lost his credibility in Belarus after he called for the protests to end after the first day. His supporteres ignored his call and stayed on the square. Even before the protest many people saw him as a fake, but now his reputation has gone down the toilet. It is obvious that he is a careerist with no principles. Whatever Koluzin’s deal is, nobody takes him seriously anymore.


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