31 May 2006

An Inconvenient (Eocene) Truth

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News is slow this week, so some clever journalist is breaking some old information as news, and the same story is bouncing all over the MSM echo chamber. In reality, the Paleoene-Eocene Thermal Maximum was detected by James Kennett and Lowell Stott as early as 1990.

AP‘s story:

Scientists have found what might have been the ideal ancient vacation hotspot with a 74-degree Fahrenheit average temperature, alligator ancestors and palm trees. It’s smack in the middle of the Arctic.

First-of-its-kind core samples dug up from deep beneath the Arctic Ocean floor show that 55 million years ago an area near the North Pole was practically a subtropical paradise, three new studies show.

The scientists say their findings are a glimpse backward into a much warmer-than-thought polar region heated by run-amok greenhouse gases that came about naturally.

Mesonyx probably drove too many SUVs.


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