12 Jun 2006

John Kerry’s Skimmer Mission Revisited

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At the end of last month, for reasons of his own which are difficult for the rest of us to fathom, John Kerry launched a new campaign of press statements replying to the charges about his awards and military record made by fellow Swift Boat Veterans during his 2004 presidential campaign.

The Swift Boat Veterans’ attacks on Kerry’s record, and the associated book, unquestionably demolished Kerry’s “reporting for duty” campaign theme, and Kerry’s failure during the course of the campaign to release his military records and to reply effectively to the veterans’ charges did not go unnoticed by the voters.

More recently, Kerry seems to have decided that everyone has discarded his copy of Unfit for Command, and forgotten all the details, and he evidently thinks it’s now safe to go around striking martyred poses in front of the obliging liberal media.

Well, John Kerry is wrong. Not everyone has forgotten, and it is not safe, as Thomas Lipscomb demonstrates with a detailed review of Kerry’s first-Purple Heart-producing skimmer mission.

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Bruce Hubbard

I can only bow down in respect for the brave Americans who drenched unarmed mothers, children and babies with Napalm that burnt them alive from the safety of the sky over a poor nation with no air force. We all know how criminal and dangerous babies are so we can only salute the bravery of the Americans that shot, bombed and burnt them alive.
Heroes, real honest USA heroes.


Her’s a link discussing the myths srrounding the famous Vietnam War napalmed girl photo, which seems to be the incident to which you refer.



I am referring to the statement BY THE US ‘DEFENCE’ DEPT that; “A heavily populated urban area of Baghdad was saturation bombed with Napalm two weeks prior to the (U.S.) invasion..”
The mean [not average; (18)] age, of the civilian residents killed, was one year of age.

This Defence Department statement was printed from Northern Europe to New Zealand, the worlds most Southern English speaking nation.

The U.S. had repeated deigned the fact of this incident for many months but, as in the above, has since admitted this cowardly tactic (and specific event) of ‘softening up the target’ prior to the invasion of Baghdad.

It is no surprise that the Iraqi residents the U.S. was ‘saving’ responded with a brave defence of their nation, as they do to this day, not with happy crowds waving ‘flowers’, as predicted by Bush.

What would you do if your children were killed in such a cruel and cowardly manner?
I certainly know how I would respond!


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