12 Jun 2006

Kos Saves Harry Hutton


The Blogospheric Left was recently partying down at Las Vegas at the annual YearlyKos Convention of Commie Bloggers.

The usual subhuman troglodytes of the Blogospheric Left (Digby, Eschaton, Fire Dog Lake – Sorry, I will not link them) flung obscenities (their only known form of articulate speech) at poor little Ana Marie Cox, formerly Wonkette, having become inspired with Envy at the lady’s new position at Time magazine, and incensed at her fraternizing with Glenn Reynolds.


One of the Kos kids claims this year’s convention saved his life, as a car ran into his office while he was partying with the pinks.

But our own Harry Hutton can top that, by Jove:

Kos once saved my life too. I was reading a post about Senator Joseph Lieberman, and it was so dull that I got up to run my head under a cold tap. Just then this assagai comes flying through the window. Zulus! Fuck! If it hadn’t been for Kos, I could have wound up in a cooking pot. I’ll always be grateful to him for that.

Anyway, so we formed a laager, called for reinforcements and went all Rorke’s Drift on their arses, and it all ended happily with a glorious slaughter of tribesmen. That was the day Boris Johnsons won the Victoria Cross.


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