29 Jun 2006

Breaking News: Supreme Court Rules in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

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The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that President Bush did not have authority to set up the war crimes tribunals at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and found the “military commissions” illegal under both military justice law and the Geneva convention.

Fox News & AP

Andrew McCarthy wrote an earlier post-mortem predicting the Court would rule wrongly, but it appears that the decision will be worse than expected.

If the Supreme Court of the United States really takes it upon itself to extend Geneva Convention Rights to terrorists and illegal combatants, George W. Bush ought to take Andrew Jackson’s position, and tell Justice Stevens to go enforce his own ruling.

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Stop The ACLU

Supreme Court Rules 5-3: No Military Tribunals, Bush Overstepped Authority…

Just in from SCOTUS Blog
The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Congress did not take away the Court’s authority to rule on the military commissions’ validity, and then went ahead to rule that President Bush did not have authority to se…

Don Williams

A few years ago, the NRA leadership was arguing that we should accept the deaths of 10,000 Americans per year in order to protect freedom –that efforts to control gun violence would hamper the
American people’s power to oppose a hypothetical dictatorship that might arise sometime in the distant future.
I agreed –that’s why I joined the NRA and donated to its cause.
But that same NRA leadership is now strangely silent as the President whom
it has elected and defended creates a dictatorship Today.
The NRA leadership ranted when Clinton’s “jackbooted federal thugs” merely tried to uphold the law at Waco. But what does the NRA leadership do
today when President Bush discards the 1000-year old right to trial by jury?
When President Bush imprisons US citizens for years on end without a
When Bush’s Attorney General ignores the Constitution’s ban on “cruel
and unusual punishment” and claims the right to torture US citizens?
When President Bush ignores the Fourth Amendment rule that search and
seizures require a warrent from the Judicial Branch?
When President Bush claims the right to ignore laws passed by Congress?
When President Bush claims emergency powers under an undeclared war and then insists that those powers have no endpoint because that vague war has no endpoint?
When President Bush creates an enormous surveillance system to watch
American citizens–even though that system will have little to no
value against professional terrorists?
When the Republican Congress ignores its oath to uphold the Constitution
and refuses to force the President to obey constitutionaln restraints –by impeachment if need be?
Don Williams
Former NRA Member 052801824

John Mc

Hey Don!!!

OMG. Did I just read what I think I just read? Are some in the right-wing actually taking a few minutes and THINKing?

Well, good on ya’, mate. I guess the dialectic is working and the unlikely coalition that hijacked Barry AuH2O and Russell Kirk and quite a few other excellent thinkers and doers is seeing the wheels come off. Welcome to the daylight.

Now if–on my side of the aisle–the Escatron and Kos tribe would have a similar epiphany. Sigh…..

About time we debated and decided on the basis of our Constitution and heritage as a free people.

Papaw John


Problem is, it’s highly unlikely that Andrew Johnson ever said any such thing.

And of course, in the end he didn’t defy the supreme court but worked around the problem by getting the Cherokees to agree to the Treaty of New Echota.

Jon Swift

Declare Supreme Court Justices Enemy Combatants …

Although I have not actually read the entire Constitution, I believe that in the Article that gives the President the power to designate enemy combatants there is nothing that explicitly protects members of the Supreme Court from being declared enemy c…

Tim Osburn

In other words, screw the constitution. It’s more important to be safe than to be free. I knew the usa was too good to last. I just think it is ironic that it is you patriots that are destroying it. Enforce that. I think it is high time you took your part of the country and went your own way. And we’ll keep the constitution and have a free society.


Although I have not actually read the entire Constitution, I believe that in the Article that gives the President the power to designate enemy combatants

Yep, you’ve never read it alright. Because nowhere in the constitution does it give the President the power to designate enemy combatants.


I pray the Bush Administration will follow some of these insane ideas. I say that as a Liberal: please, please do it, George. You and your cohorts will be revealed for the facists you are. Ha HA!!!

Jeff Bargholz

Don Williams:

Your moonbat diatribe was deranged enough to have been written by michael Moore or Cindy Sheehan. You regurgitated every chunk of Bush hysteria in the leftist lexicon without taking a breath. Wipe your chin and take your meds, dude.

Which chapter of the NRA were you a member of? The Berkeley chapter? I guess you thought NRA stands for “No Retards Allowed” and figured you had to quit.

Jeff Bargholz

John MC:

You need to learn what a right-winger is. Lew Rockwell is a right-winger. Neo-Nazis are right-wingers. The people you smeared on this site are moderates and conservatives. We make up the vast majority in this country.

America isn’t split into two, with everyone to the right of John Kerry comprising the right-wing, and the dim-wits on the other side comprising the left-wing. Most Americans want pretty much the same thing from their government representatives, they just disagree about which political party would best serve them: Republicans or Dhimmiecrats.

The kurt Nimmos and Pat Buchanans are on the fringe right. Unhinged, cut n’ run idiots like you and Jack Murtha, who claim Bush lied, are left-wingers.

Red states rule, and it isn’t cool to be a leftist anymore. Since the advent of talk radio, Fox News and the blogosphere, you liars don’t have a monopoly on what’s presented to the public, and how it’s presented. The Media establishment has been exposed as lying whores, and the majority of Americans want nothing to do with them or the leftist propaganda they’ve been disseminating.

The wheels are coming off, alright. The left’s War Wagon is falling apart.

Make up your mind–present yourself as an Australian or an American–you cant be both, no matter what your therapist told you. I’m not surprised that you’re schizophrenic. Leftism is a mental disorder, after all.

Good luck in the upcoming elections.

Jeff Bargholz


Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson were two separate people.

John thinks he’s two different people and you think two different people are Johnsons. This site attracts some real moonbats.

Jeff Bargholz

Tim Osborn:

The Supreme Court just screwed the Constitution. Their decision contravenes the Constitution AND the Geneva Conventions. You should try reading the two documents some time.

I agree, we should go our own way and leave you idiots to stew in the juices of your own hatred and incompetence. Your lot could write its own Constitution–one that allows for legislation by fiat, an army that doesn’t fight and human zoos for people you disagree with. You dorks can have Massachusetts. We’ll keep the rest, since we’re the ones that built the rest.

Jeff Bargholz


Article II, sect. 2 of the Constitution. Read it and learn it. As the Comander In Cheif of the U.S. military, he sure as hell does have the authority to declare who is an enemy combatant. The Executive branch is also the ONLY branch of the government with the authority to grant repreives and pardons for offenses against the United States.

You leftists love to quote a document you’ve never read and so don’t understand. You wear your ignorance like a Brownie Button. Ignorance is nothing to be proud of, son.

Jeff Bargholz


You need to learn the definition of “liberal” and “fascist” before you try using them in sentences. That way, you won’t look like such a fool.

I too wish our President would grow some balls and take our advice. Only a traitor could be happy that a terrorist has successfully pressed charges against the President of the United States. If you’re so sympathetic to the terrorist’s cause, why don’t you join Al Qaeda and head to Iraq? That way we’d both be happy. You’d be happy because you could more effectively demonstate your hatred of America, and I’d be happy because an American soldier would shoot you dead without breaking the law. (Not yet anyway–I hear the Supreme Court is working on that one.)

Manly name you have there. Is your last name hyphenated? Whayt’s your middle name? Nancy?

julian charles

If these are posts by the Jeffrey Bargholz, formerly of Surabaya Indonesia … never would’ve taken you for a gun-toting redneck ;-) Julian


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