01 Oct 2006

Old-Fashioned Justice American-Style

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Angilo Freeland bolted from his rental car in the midst of a routine traffic stop last Thursday in Lakeland, Florida.

Polk County, Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Vernon Williams pursued Freeland into a wooded area, accompanied by another deputy and a German shepherd. Freeland killed Deputy Williams, wounding him in the ensuing gunfight, and evidently finishing him off execution-style with two gunshots to the head. The police dog (named Diogi) was also killed, and the other deputy wounded.

Police officers from all over West Central Florida turned out for the manhunt. The murderer was located hiding under a fallen oak tree in the woods. Seeing a gun in his hand, police officers opened fire. Autopsy results found that Freeland had been shot 68 times by the time the shooting stopped.

“That’s all the bullets we had, or we would have shot him more,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel.

Deputy Vernon Williams left behind a wife and three children. His death in the line of duty occurred on his wife’s birthday.

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That’s my part of Florida. Those are my quail shooting buddies. I’m only surprised they ran out of ammo so soon.


God Bless our law enforcement officers and thank God for their courage in dealing with scum like this shooter. Finally, a perp gets what he deserves, right on the spot. Done, finished.


You all make me sick!


With 110 rounds and only 68 hits, at least 4 members of the team advanced while supressing the suspect until their sub guns were empty.

These guys had thousands of rounds among every man out there. They emptied their magazines.

Remember, this guy executed a cop, in the back of the head – two rounds there – eight total.

I know the cops went gunning for him. We all know that. Expect the same treatment if you kill my brother, or son and I get to you first.

Don’t cry because of the payback. We live in a very different world than when I grew up in the 1950s. We are a militarized society. You cannot create SWAT mentality and not expect it to be used.

As an infantryman and SF vet, neither do I revel in the sport of the kill, but I understand it and do not fault the cops that took this criminal down.

I say… if they can live with themselves, that is all that is to be worried about in this one case. It was not WACO, it was not Ruby Ridge.

Bring our troops home!


DB in Tallahassee

You all make me sick!”

Would you say that if the person killed were your father or husband? He got what he deserved. An eye for an eye.


To AmericaKKKan,

By your choice of titles, you seem to think this is a racial thing. I don’t think people like you get it. We don’t care if you’re black, white, Native American, Chinese, or Hispanic.

Scum comes in all races and colors. What we appreciate is that a killer was stopped cold in his tracks. Our legal system doesn’t meet out the justice that is due to scum like this guy, but sometimes our men in uniform do. I applaud them. I just wish they would react with that same enthuseism when they catch a child molester, rapist, drug dealer, or other scum.

I have a brother-in-law in prison for manufacturing meth. To be honest, I would have felt bad for my wife and her parents if the police had gunned him down, but I think a good dose of Old West justice in this country would do a lot to slow down criminal behavior.

And I don’t give a damn what the rest of the world thinks about it. I applaud countries like Indonesia and China that will still hang drug dealers. I don’t give a rat’s ass what color you are – if you’re engaging in felonious criminal behavior, I’d like to see you swinging from a tree.

And just so you know, I don’t like Muslims and I think we’re kidding ourselves if you don’t think we’re at war with Islam. Indonesia is full of these vermin and I’d be just as happy if it sank under the sea in the next Tsunami. But at least they do know how to deal with criminals.

Jagung Gadung

hey richard, yeah that was an overkill. he didnt shoot at them, they were ordered to kill the guy no matter what. cus he was black and killed a cop. he should have been arrested and tried but they shot him almost 70 times. i bet you were saying “kill that nigger” in their police station…
and you dont like muslims? you just said u dont care what race they are, BUT you dont like a certain religion? your scum, your a piece of shit, i hope to see you “swinging from a tree” as you say. drug dealers dont deserve to die you idiot, the people dumb enough to buy from them are the ones who need to be looked at. but i think if someone wants to do that than whatever, theyre only hurting themselves with addiction.


The scumbag got hat he deserved.He was a MURDERER and CRIMINAL abobe all else.


Good American

Its unbelievable that anyone would try to make it seem as though the police are the bad guys in this situation until you realize that to those playing the race card right out of the gate, the police are the bad guys. You leeches are disgusting. You are the true racists who are always complaining about injustice, yet never are willing to accept it when it unfolds right before your eyes. God bless those fine officers and the family of the slain Deputy.

PS Mr Dung, why dont you go to some country living in the 10th century where you can be happy you racist bitch!!! And no I dont like those who call their religion a peaceful one yet as cowards attack women and children. But to give credit to them at least they have sense to know they dont have a chance if they fight like men.

Too Bad

I hate racism. Personally if minorities weren’t given everything to begin with, they might actually have some self respect that comes with working hard. In this case, the man was a murderer. That is all I need to know about him. He executed a wounded officer with 2 gunshots to the head. I’m all for a fair trial. He got his trial. 68 jurors sentenced him to death. I rejoice in his death. I don’t care if he’s black, white, brown, red, or pink. He killed another human being in cold blood. I only wish the K-9 would have ripped him to shreads.

For those of you out there that always want to make the bad guy a victim, you anger me. Both the officer, dog, and the killer would still be alive had he not created the situation. He was held responsible and justice was served. Maybe not through the court, but it was served.


they should have brought more ammo ! if we have more street justice, maybe the bad guys would start to think twice.


I don’t think it odd that those who defend a drug dealing, k-9 officer murdering, cop killer are not even intelligent enough to know what a capitol letter is. Maybe when you can get a grasp on the english language and how to write it or speak it we would love to hear or read your opinion. The truth is I live in Lakeland Florida. I am protected (thank God) by Sheriff Grady Judd and his officers every day. I just voted for him again yesterday via my local election ballot I am proud to say. He is a great and honest man, and will receive my vote every time he runs for office. As to who is a racist… Not one of the officers involved in this shooting was. They were searching for a man who without provocation or warning gunned down in cold blood a K-9, and human officer. He then shot and wounded another. He then hid in the woods, not giving himself up or showing any change of heart or mindset for 2 days. If you my ignorant friend would like to stand in front of him (gun still in hand) and hope he would show you love and restraint feel free. I would love to see that. Oh thats right, you hide bravely behind a keyboard and monitor spewing cowardly while others lay life on the line to protect your right to do so. You blame the men and women who strap a target on and kiss their kids and spouses goodbye for perhaps the final time on a daily basis to protect your home family and freedoms. I thank God for these brave men who gave their lives. I live in the same community where their wives and children’s tears still flow. My children attend schools with the fatherless victims of a drug dealing madman. You want compassion for who? Check the empty spot in your chest where your heart should reside. This is NOT about race or religion. If you must make someone in this story a racist, keep in mind Mr. Freeland gunned down two white officers. That means he shot or killed 200% MORE white men than the ENTIRE Polk County Sheriff’s Dept. did black men in this same instance. That seems a tad bit racist. IF you must.


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