30 Sep 2006

Al Wasiyyah – “the Will”

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The big news story for tomorrow is the London Times has obtained a video made in January of 2000 by 9/11 hijacker pilots Mohammed Atta (American Airlines Flight 11) and Ziad Jarrah (United Airlines Flight 93) at Osama bin Laden’s Afghan base, laughing before the camera and reading their martyrdom wills.

The video was provided, unedited, but without sound, to the London Times through a previously tested channel, and even confirmed as authentic by Al Qaeda.

Isn’t it wonderful that major Western news outlets are so well connected that they have such sources?

The video is promised to be available at noon tomorrow (October 1) at noon, GMT. We will add the link when it becomes available.


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Bogus! The picture shows “hijacker of the future event of 9/11”,al-shehri with background of an airplane and a shot of the WTC 2 exploding. This picture could not have been included in a video done before it happened.


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