27 Oct 2006

Lynn Cheney & Wolf Blitzer

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Lynn Cheney asks Wolf Blitzer why is CNN broadcasting terrorist propagada videos showing the shooting of Americans, and wonders if CNN wants the US to win. Blitzer responds by imitating the Times’ Byron Calame.


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Lynn Berntson

At a time when all americans should be as united to win this war too many politicians are only thinking of their political future.
The President has made the correct decision. Wars do not always go exactly as CNN thinks they should. Casualties do not tell the correct story as to the outcome. We lost thousands of soldiers just prior to Germany surrenduring.

We have been attacked. As many people were killed as in Pearl Harbor.
The terrorists have chosen Iraq as the center for their success. If we leave too soon it will be a great victory for Islam. they will simply up the ante.

Yes we are losing men however in a war men and women die by the thousands. More Americans are killed each year in our cities than we have lost in Iraq. The casualty list is very low for any wartime expectation. CNN should embed journalists with our cities police depart-ments.

Our media is a very giant negative in this struggle.


Lynn Chaney is one classy lady. Once again Wolf Blitzer would/could not answer the tough questions. What CNN runs IS terrorist propaganda! Shame on that small, narror minded ,unpatriotic Wolf Blitzer for trying to corner Mrs Chaney when he’s too stupid to see her for how intelligent she really is. He got some of what he deserves, but not nearly enough. When is CNN going to support the United States military the very people that protect their freedoms to yammer on and on with unintelligent propoganda by offerng aid and comfront to the enemy with “their news” .


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