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27 Mar 2024

Don’t Forget to be Stupidly Happy Once in a While

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20 Nov 2021



20 Apr 2021

When a Bubble Freezes


02 Oct 2020

Scary, Aren’t They?

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HT: Vanderleun.

06 Mar 2020

Setters (Correction: Undocked Springers) and Handel

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Tilda Swinton is apparently one of the creators.

HT: Karen L. Myers.

16 Dec 2019

The Duel at Blood Creek

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29 May 2018

The Gunfighter


02 May 2018

Move Away Quickly!


25 Jan 2017

Too Good to Be True

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Girl taking selfie video while singing Rhianna on snowboard in Hakuba 47 Japan chased by bear without noticing.


04 Jan 2017

Congress! Listen Up, Hollywood is Talking Here

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Sally Fields and a bunch of Hollywood types you never heard of are warning Congress that they will not tolerate Donald Trump’s “Racism, Sexism, or Xenophobia” and that they expect Congress to block any legislation opposed to the interests of any and all of the fashionable Left’s pet victim groups of privilege.

If Congress fails to oblige, I guess they’ll all sit down and have a great big cry or make another ineffably self-important video.

25 Sep 2016

Clueless iPhone Owners Believe Spoof Video

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The Sun breathlessly reports:

A fake YouTube video claiming to show users how to get the much-missed sound input has gone viral – with many unknowing victims following its lead.

Owners have copied the video’s instructions to place the phone in a clamp and take a 3.5mm drill to where the headphone hole used to be.

Needless to say drilling a hole into your iPhone will leave you with a very broken handset – and not the promised addition.

Of course, it was not a “fake YouTunbe video,” it was a spoof YouTube video, and it was published as part of a series of wrecking technology humor videos. But a lot of Apple aficionados are sooo dumb…



Why did Apple kill the headphone jack?

09 Jul 2016

The Restaurant of Life

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Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

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