20 Nov 2006

Go Public, Go Home, Go Mecca

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Scrappleface leaks the real Pentagon document:

(2006-11-20) — According to a newly pre-released secret Pentagon document, the U.S. military is considering three options for dealing with the situation in Iraq, dubbed ‘Go Public, Go Home and Go Mecca.’

The unnamed Pentagon official in charge of leaking national security secrets to the Washington Post said it’s possible that the U.S. could adopt some combination of the three.

He summarized the strategy options as follows:

1. Go Public: Consistently leak top-secret Pentagon strategy deliberations to the news media as a way of neutralizing the unfair “element of surprise”, and of building trust by being more transparent with the enemy.

2. Go Home: Remove the only reason for terrorism by bringing all U.S. troops back home, and also allowing all U.S.-trained Iraqi troops to emigrate to the U.S.

3. Go Mecca: Deal “head on” with the heart of the conflict, by amending the U.S. Constitution to bring it into compliance with Islamic Sharia law.

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Personally, I prefer a rather different interpretation of “go Mecca”.

george shultz

Looking for a few courageous conservative republican evangelicals who are willing to exercise their right to speak publicly. New video will pit 10 conservative republicans against one progressive, each republican will pick one topic and state their argument, the progressive will explain her point of view on the subject, then the each will have 300 second (five minutes) to argue their point and address the others argument. The video will be available online, and give each viewer the chance to chose a winner and post their own 300 second video or audio, or written, comment.

I know your blog is mostly just plagiarized from other inaccurate propagandists, but if you have any balls perhaps you will accept this challenge, a duel of wits. Come on, you get 10 to 1 odds, don’t be a pussy.


Do you care that I’m an atheist, and not an Evangelical at all?

Your accusation of plagiarism is, of course, absurd. Blogs quote other blogs. That’s what most bloggers do. Besides, I do write some completely original posts as well. Just not every day.

Dominique R. Poirier

To Mr George Shultz,

You wrote:

“I know your blog is mostly just plagiarized from other inaccurate propagandists, (…)

Why don’t you try to read it, to begin with.


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