23 Nov 2006

Strangers on My Flight


Sinatra song updated.


2 Feedbacks on "Strangers on My Flight"

tim lawrence

This is the funniest thing I’ve heard since 911. It makes me wish Frank had been aboard one the fated flights. It is hilarious yet it instills in me a certain sense of courage and bravery ( Frank in his prime taking shit from NOBODY….least of all some “smelly foreigners not talkin’ right). It’s nice to have a good laugh again, especially I suppose knowing that they could NEVER pull something like this again…..unless they all posed as Sinatra imitators!?!?

David F. Petrano

Granted, a hijacking would not have occurred if Sinatra was there in top form up in 1st class; on the other hand, the real culprets are the criminally negligent/morons manning NORAD – disgraceful excuses for humans we entrusted to ensure “smelly people” in turbins carrying boxcutters couldn’t pull of such a “stunt.”


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