26 Dec 2006

Fraudulent, Marxist, and Divisive — Naturally, Liberals Promote Kwanzaa

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Curt identifies the synthetic and unsavory origins of the ersatz Black holiday, and the Marxist ideals it is based upon.

African Americans mostly don’t care about Kwanzaa either, as the Wilmington Star notes.

It has been four decades since Kwanzaa was created as an African-American celebration of family and community, but in that time it has not resonated widely in South Carolina, a state where one-third of the population is black.

“I personally don’t know a single person who celebrates the holiday,” said Marcus Cox, founding director of the African-American Studies Program at The Citadel.

The holiday was created in 1966 by California State University at Long Beach professor Maulana Karenga, and a survey for the National Retail Federation in October found 2.3 percent of Americans celebrate it.

Cox said he and many other blacks respect the holiday, but there are barriers to its broader acceptance.

One of them is the timing of Kwanzaa, which is celebrated from Dec. 26 through Jan. 1.

“Christmas is a religious holiday. And most African-Americans are Christians,” Cox said.

But liberal journalists love Kwanzaa, and never cease promoting it. Just look at all the Google News links to propaganda in favor of it.

One Feedback on "Fraudulent, Marxist, and Divisive — Naturally, Liberals Promote Kwanzaa"


I respect kwanzaa I think it’s a beautiful holiday. I would like to know more about kwanzaa. I’m also doing a project about kwanzaa.


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