06 Jan 2007

Rabbit Versus Snake

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Information is completely lacking, but this :57 Google video shows a confrontation between a rabbit and what looks like a rattlesnake. The rabbit wins. If I had to guess, I would identify the locale as Texas.

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Two observations. One is that the rabbit in question is not a jackrabbit but your garden variety bunny. I have never before heard of an aggressive example. Second is that I’m not so sure that’s a rattlesnake – you don’t see the characteristic defensive display complete with elevated, rattling tail.

It would be nice to know a few details, wouldn’t it?

l wientjes

I think that the rabbit was a regular bunny also. I know they can be aggressive because we had one that was very mean. She would try to bite us and would attack our feet. I do not think the snake was a rattle snake because it did not strike as a rattle snake usually does

dan lowry

The only snake in Texas that I know of that tries to climb a tree as a method of self defense is the Texas rat snake, all others including rattlesnakes hide in debris and rocks. In my humble opinion this is a mother rabbit with nearby young (green grass = spring/ early summer) or its the rabbit from Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail.


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