13 Jan 2007

A Miss and a Major Catch Just Let Go

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The latest report is that the US airstrike missed “three top al-Qaeda leaders” hiding in Somalia.

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And apparently, when we do catch them, we’re still playing catch-and-release. It sounds like it was Hassan Abassi that Condeleezza Rice ordered released.

American officials say the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force is active in Iraq. A senior military official said last week that one of the Iranians seized in Baghdad late last month was the No. 3 Quds official. He said American forces uncovered maps of neighborhoods in Baghdad in which Sunnis could be evicted, and evidence of involvement in the war during the summer in Lebanon.

That Iranian official was ordered released, by Ms. Rice among others, after Iran claimed he had diplomatic status.

One Feedback on "A Miss and a Major Catch Just Let Go"


In circumstances like this, I recommend we take a play from the old KGB playbook. During the brief interval in which we have them we should introduce something slow, insidious and invariably fatal. Polonium, perhaps. Something that, you know, sends a message while remaining – under the rules of diplomacy as practiced elsewhere – just barely deniable. “Gee, Polonium? You guys must have a WMD/nuclear program that he’s in close contact with. He should have been more careful. Pity.”


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