27 Feb 2007

More Proof of Global Warming

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Waves freeze as they crash on the beach in Newfoundland.

5:11 video

The unintelligible language being spoken in the background is Newfie.

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Larry Brasfield

Methinks it’s a fraud. For liquid water to
freeze that fast from being pushed into
the air, the air temperature would have
to be far below freezing. Yet the people
in this video have no ear coverings and
no condensation from their unprotected
breathing. Just to accentuate how balmy
it is, a guy wanders into the picture in his
shorts toward the end.


We had the same suspicions in my house, too, but couldn’t find any way to confirm them. In the end, I concluded that the video was sufficiently interesting that I was obliged to link it, take my chances, and wait to see if it gets debunked.


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