20 Mar 2007

New York Should Keep Giuliani (A Rant)


This rant is taken from an email argument on a Conservative listserv.

I find New Yorkers in general a less than admirable lot.

They are members of a community which allowed the crooks and commies to take over their government; who tamely allowed themselves to be disarmed, and then simply cowered behind abundantly locked doors in fear of the criminal trash infesting their streets, while their judicial system turned violent criminals loose, but vigorously prosecuted anyone who ever defended himself; who selfishly pursued careers, personal gain, and private gratification, while all around them the normal processes of civilized life collapsed into disorder; and who then eagerly genuflected as to a savior before the strongman from Queens for providing a modicum of functioning government, after he ascended into office by a contemptible pattern of abuse of power and ersatz class warfare.

Kissing the boot of the lawless crossdresser, because before he came along you were afraid to cross the street, or because il Duce’s policies raised your property values, is far less than morally impressive. It’s really the same pattern of abdication of responsibility and gross personal selfishness typical of that loathesome city and its unmanly and basically worthless
population which caused New York’s problems in the first place.

New York succumbed to clueless liberalism because that was the fashion of the day, and because New York had no civic virtue, no integrity, and no standard of anything capable of resisting any current fashion. There was finally an inevitable political reaction to liberal goo-goo-ism, which allowed that two-bit man-on-horseback to climb into office. Because he finally told New York’s staggeringly enormous police force (larger than a lot of countries’ armies) to do a little work for a change and to actually do a little something about street crime, New Yorkers think he worked some kind of a miracle. All Giuliani’s vaunted reforms consisted of was a minor dose of erratic and unreliable law enforcement applied to the chaos which had been allowed to develop for decades.

The Amadou Diallo affair demonstrated quite accurately exactly how competent and elite New York City’s elite police task forces had become under your Fearless Leader: 4 armed men facing 1 unarmed man, complete panic, 41 shots, 19 hits. Just as the heroes of King Rudolph’s magnificent police & fire departments were busy looting $1.3 million dollars worth of watches out the WTC Tourneau store before the Towers fell, and one deceased engine company was excavated from the rubble with its truck cabs stuffed full of looted merchandise. The supreme authorities of the City, its safety departments, and its Port Authority stood by bloviating and posing for the cameras, having ruled out any attempts at helicopter rescues from the Tower roofs. Hey! someone might have been hurt.

Why not just start a movement to make Rudolfo the Magnificent permanent Generalissimo of Gotham, Sultan of Babylon-on-the-Hudson, Dictator of Dyckman Street, and keep him? The rest of us, residing in the real America, don’t want him, and wouldn’t take him if you tied a red ribbon with a hundred dollar bill around his narrow and greasy neck.

Sorry to break it to you, guys, but America is not in the habit of electing as president low-life, ethnic urban, cross-dressing grotesqueries like Giuliani. He cannot possibly be nominated. He cannot in the remotest realm of possibility be elected. As they say in New York: fuggedaboudit!

One Feedback on "New York Should Keep Giuliani (A Rant)"


Lived there, in fact I was successful there. Times Square wasn’t cleaned up yet and people clustered in safe enclaves to live. It was very much like a Green Zone and had the same mentality, but even today they have little possibility of shaking that mindset.

To most New Yorkers, living in flyover country would be like being sent to the 3rd ring of hell. There is no possibility of one understanding America as a whole.


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