10 Jun 2007

Female Archer Takes Elephant

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I didn’t report on the giant pig story, because I didn’t believe it when I first encountered it. This one looks like it could well be authentic.

Bud Bolen of Jacksonville, Florida says he received the above photo from a friend (presumably the lady herself), and posted it on Archery Talk.

Bolen identifies the bow used to slay the elephant as a PSE X-Force.

He quotes her saying:

I was pulling 85 [38.64 kg.] on the bow before I left. When I got over there, I lowered it to 83 [37.73 kg.]. It was getting 103 ft lbs of kinetic energy at 83. The bow was awesome. I think it fit me well.

I had been hunting hard for 8 days before I got a chance to draw back. I had to hold the bow for a minute before I could take a shot. I shot the elephant at 12 yards with one arrow. It was shot near dark. We went back the next day and found him. I was in the middle of 37 elephants when I took my shot. This was my first bow kill and first woman to take an elie with a bow. The safari will be on Versus at the end of Sep or beginning of Oct. It is suppose to be the premiere show of the season. I will let you know the date when I find out.

The huntress is also quoted here:

The Outfitter was Tshabezi Safaris – Dudley Rogers. If anyone would like to book a safari with him, I can set it up.

The main camp was in Gokwe north.

As for the equipment, PSE set up the bow including stabalizer (sic), rest and site. I used a Little Goose release. The broadheads were also set up by PSE. They [the arrow shafts] were Black Mombas [sic] 550 grains. The broadheads were German Kinetics at 180 grains. The total grains equaled 730.

I wore Danner boots and Foxy Huntress clothing.

Mike Christianson was my bow mentor. Dr. Hugo Gibson was my chiropractor. I had to have him along because the heavy bow was pulling and pushing my shoulders out.

I trained for 14 months to be able to pull the big bows.

Her hunt probably cost $800 per day on a 10-16 day safari plus a trophy fee of $8000. Minimally $16,000 plus air fare.

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doria shepherd

Oh HURRAH for her!!! One more vastly superior animal killed by one vastly inferior one.And, let’s not forget to make a commercial for it. Absolutely disgusting!!!!


If old jumbo was the superior animal, how come he lost?


You go Girl !!!


I just seen it on the outdoor channel where she actually shot an arrow at the elephant for a one shot kill. It was a very good program .She look really strong. According to the show she is a professional hunter in Africa and this was her first bow kill for elephant. The fact is, its a first for anyone taking an elephant with a bow. I tried googling to see if I can get more information about her background and photos of her hunts. I haven’t found any. Thats strange? But , I hope to see more of her photos on the web and stories about her hunts.


Howard Hill and Fred Bear killed elephants with bows decades ago and several people still do every year but she was the first woman to dedicate herself to that goal. Wow, its an amazing accomplishment for anyone as elephant hunting is hard enough with a rifle.

Jack Highwood

I spend every day trying to save elephants from extinction. its a bitter, hard, unrewarding job that is never helped by idiots like the woman in this photo. pathetic, quite pathetic.


How exactly do you do that? By panhandling contributions from sentimental old ladies to fund an organization staffed by urban slackers like yourself whose knowledge of the natural world was formed by Disney movies?


Jim Mense

If the governments of Africa would wake up and realize that hunters would pay 16K for a chance to shoot an elephant, I think you would see a serious crackdown on poaching. It may seem contradictory, but the best way to save elephants is to sell hunting licenses for big bucks and use the proceeds to protect the elephant’s environment. Look what hunting has done for the elk, turkeys and whitetail deer not to mention the National Wildlife Refuge system which was funded through Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps which are required to hunt waterfowl.
The movement to stop hunting is fine provided the organizations involved come up with annual funding to replace the millions upon millions of dollars provided by hunters to maintain wildlife populations. Face it: our wildlife does not exist in a untamed wilderness. Wildlife needs help to survive!

agustín pardo

killing an elephant just so you can boost your ego and boast about how you killed an elephant with a bow… shame on you!!!

and her face, standing there beside that dead elephant, so proud of herself… well done, you killed another elephant.. that’s one less till we finish ’em off and they’re completely wiped off the earth…

you people make me sick with your stupid game, killing living beings just for the fun and the picture on the wall…



way to prove your…um…wait, what exactly are you proving? oh yeah, nothing except that you are helping destroy the already dwindling population of 600,000 african elephants left in the wild. good for you! hey, maybe next time you could go for an even more threatened species, woo!


To feel joy and pride for taking the life of a fellow being is about the sickest, most disgusting trait any human can posses. How would you like someone plowing an arrow in your mother’s back and giggling as the murder watches the life drain out of her. I don’t know who these people are but I’d like to put them all in a room (including their guru Ted Nugent) and let them all blow each other’s brains out. Who needs em.

Rene Melendez

I agree with the dissedents (sp?) of killing elephants, but not for the same reason. To begin with an elephant is almost helpless, they can’t run away from danger very quickly. So what’s the challenge of killing an elephant that has no advantage over you other than size? Why don’t you bow hunters start killing leopards, lions, Cape buffalo and North Americas own grizzly bear with a bow and arrow? Let’s see if you can place a shot at 25 yards with one of them. Can’t do it? Why not? Because you’re gutless, that’s why. You wouldn’t dare try and kill an animal that is more equally matched to you would you? Point rested.


In all the rightous comments condemning this lady who did nothing illegal or immoral, did you even bother to contemplate who should bear the brunt of your anger because you don’t agree with hunting an elephant or hunting at all? She had permits, she trained, she took risks, she did nothing wrong. I am not a big fan of killing big game for bragging rights but I recognize, as was noted in previous comments, that there is progress made by controlling what happens on the big game preserves with licensing, etc. If you are bent out of shape, contact the government there and tell them what they are doing is wrong.
Nice shooting girl. I would rather be able to say I could have done it, in the same space and time, instead of actually “harvesting” the kill. For all the whiners out there, why don’t you get involved in the ILLEGAL KILLING of WHALES by ASIAN countries?! (when i say illegal i mean the killing of more whales than are allowed by treaties.)There is no culling of the herd there. It is outright banditry for profit because of the demand for cultural “delicacies”.


To Rene M:

You sound like another ill informed, puppet of the mass media. There is nothing wrong with hunting for sustainance nor for sport. The very foundation of our human existance is based on it.

As for your claims that hunters do not pursue dangerous game with primative equipment, I think you need to do some homework before you spout off. Grizzly, cape buffalo, big cats, and moose are harvested regularly and responsibly by bowhunters every year.

Get a clue.


How can somebody be proud of this kind of acts??? It’s horrible to see this girl so happy of had killed the poor elephant! she’s really disagreeable. I hope she dies in the same form.


Elephant hunting has to be one of the most disgusting attempts at self-aggrandizing possible. What possible accomplishment is there from sneaking up on and killing an unsuspecting animal? Why not try to climb Mount Everest instead – is that too dangerous, or too much of a challenge?


You obviously don’t know the first thing about elephants or elephant hunting, and have simply formed prejudices on the basis of sentimental and anthropomorphic falsehoods commercially purveyed to the urban mass audience.


Chris, You are yet another ignorant commentator. I agree there is no harm in killing for sustenance. If I’m not mistaken though the lady isn’t a member or descendant of an African, South American or other hunter gatherer tribe or people. So “killing for sustenance” doesn’t fit here. She killed for the fun of it. Killing for sport isn’t alright just because it’s legal. I have read all the publications on hunting and fishing for 50 years or more and you are exaggerating greatly that the dangerous game I mentioned in my earlier reply are “harvested with regularity” with bow and arrow. Black bear and moose, I’ll buy that. There are only a dozen or less professional bow hunters in the past 100 years that can make the claim that you have, and those hunters were spread around all continents. So folks, encourage Chris to do his homework, get the facts straight before trying to use them to justify killing dangerous game for the sport of it. If bow hunters killed Cape buffalo, cats, and other Big 5 as regurlarly as he said, myself and others would be talking about it. You Chris probably have never killed a deer with a bow. If you had, you wouldn’t make the statement you made concerning the regularity of dangerous game taken with a bow. You would know that even getting close enough to kill a prize buck with a bow makes your heart pound so loud you’re scared he will hear you and run. How much more with a grizzly, lion, or buffalo? Come on now! Chris, do me a favor. Name some professional or other hunters that have killed dangerous game with “regularity”. Of all the licenses drawn for hunts what percentage of them are for dangerous game, and out of those how many result in a harvest? The odds that are at best 50-50 of a harvest hardly qualifies as “regularly”.


The elephant, a wonderful, intelligent animal, social with very clear family structures very much a role model to us in that respect. It’s habitat, like that of many animals, is getting smaller as human population expands. Due to our selfish expansion we do need to manage herd sizes and yes hunting/culls would become part of it. HOWEVER it needs to be done in a sensible way, i.e. you need to observe the social structure of the herd to pick the right animal, you wouldnt want to shoot the matriarch or a young one. Also, and this is the part which did disgust me, there is absolutely NO REASON to let an animal suffer with a slow death. That is cruel and unethical and absolutely unecessary. That is the part which makes me question the person’s compassion and understanding of a fellow living being. Please use your ‘great skill’ wisely.


She sums up the human race really.. if it moves, kill it! If you can’t kill it, destroy it’s environment. If you’ve got money, do it for fun! I find it rather disturbing why anyone would want to kill just for fun…Perhaps it’s true what they say about dumb blondes and interbreds!
Anyone can kill an animal with a weapon,…even a 2 year old.


You really don’t know what you’re talking about.


I love your comment..’If old jumbo was the superior animal, how come he lost?’…WELL DER!..EVER CROSSED YOUR MIND THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS THERE?..it would be a bit like me sneaking up on you and blasting you to death for no reason! It wouldn’t prove I’m better or any more intelligent than you, and it wouldn’t mean you were dumb. It’s just a senseless and pointless thing to do. By the way, your comment …” you don’t really know what your talking about?” sounds like the sort of remark someone who can’t give a rational argument for his case would make.


that’s okay, great kill and keep on doing it! When there are no more wild elephants left in the world you will realize, you will question yourself was it really that fun, was it worth it? 16k for a wall mount? It’s just too early for you hunters to realize it. You wouldn’t understand until it’s too late, you wouldn’t understand it now, not tomorrow, but soon, so keep on hunting. Don’t pull all the stupid documents to prove that its okay to kill for fun. I DON’T BUY IT. Great kill!


She’s a murderer. There’s no lacing it in fancy legal hunting licenses. It’s legal murder of one of the most regal magnificent creatures the human race has the gift to share the planet with. She’s not going to eat it. It’s just murder.

nasty nate

which one is the elephant?

i hope she becomes impaled on a sharp object in a car accident as painfully as the arrow that pierced this elephants heart. i am not a supporter of groups like PETA, but i do not see how trophy hunting on animals in limited numbers can be justified.

nasty nate

also, did the elephant have a chang=ce to fight back? i bet se wouldn’t survived that if the playing field was even. that should be a rule, animal gets a chance to take a swipe.


A shameful, nasty display from a souless woman. I sincerely hope you get trampled on by the next elephant you try to shoot.


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