15 Jun 2007

The Constitution and Islam


At American Thinker, Amil Imani argues that Islam should be treated Constitutionally as a hostile totalitarian power, not a religion. He has a point, but liberals always used to think that actual agents and allies of literal hostile totalitarian countries engaged in espionage and subversion ought to be treated Constitutionally as exercising rights of free speech and opinion, so the odds of mustering a consensus in favor of Mr. Imani’s proposal seem poor.

But while it doesn’t seem very plausible that we could possibly succeed in passing laws banning the building of Wahabi mosques in the United States, I do think we could stop allowing Muslims to enter the country. There is certainly precedent. During the last major period of immigration around the turn of the last century, persons seeking admission to the United States were required to affirm that that they were not members of a hereditary aristocracy, Anarchists, or Polygamists (i.e., Mormons).


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