15 Jun 2007

Antioch College Closing


Antioch College, long-time collegiate exemplar of ultra-liberalism, has evidently run out of money and is “temporarily” closing down, reports Henry P. Wickham Jr.

According to a statement released on June 12, 2007 by the Antioch College Board of Trustees, the College in Yellow Springs, Ohio will suspend operations on July 1, 2008. The Trustees announced that the “College’s resources are inadequate” to continue its operations in Yellow Springs.

The statement from the Trustees refers to the College’s “low enrollment and lack of adequate funding.” It refers to all of the cutbacks that the College has made, which have “eroded the confidence students and parents have in the College’s academic program.”

The statement mentions the long-term goal of reopening the campus at some point in the future. However, given the College’s declining enrollment, decrepit facilities, and low endowment, one wonders how the College can resurrect itself, absent a sugar daddy like George Soros.

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Sharon Lyn Stein, M. Ed

I am sorry to see a liberal arts college’s demise. It reflects the changing standards of our country (lower) with regards to education and also illustrates our tweaked focus of our priorities.


Antioch got just what it deserved. We’re better off without it. In fact, the closing should stand as a demonstration that there are consequences to silly but evil institutions.

Geoff Chambers

Dancing on the grave of a venerable institution strikes me as an evil tendency, one common to the mean-spiritedness conservatives cultivate to stifle dialogue. No substance, just abuse. I much prefer the “silly” ideas and ideals Antioch College upheld: social justice, tolerance, diversity, freedom.

Gary Floyd

While rollerblading thru Yellow Springs last Sunday, I couldn’t help but notice all the “Be ashamed to let it die” posters on the Antioch Campus. But Antioch declared war on free enterprise and captialism and guess who won. The red-flag waving Marxism of it students discouraged corporate donations, and it’s high tuitions discouraged students who realize that activism isn’t a real good career choice. And it’s reputation in Ohio is that it has more fruits and flakes than Kelloggs of Battle Creek. Everyone in Yellow Springs is in full boo-hoo mode, and wants the University to re-emerge as it’s old liberal self. But reality can be a cruel mistress…………………


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