06 Aug 2007

How to Handle a Killer

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How do you deal with someone like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, someone who was the principal planner of the 9/11 attacks which killed more than 3,000 innocent civilians, someone who personally took a knife and sawed off the head of kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl? How do you interrogate a brutal mass murderer who has flagrantly violated the laws, customs, and usages of war?

Clearly the moral insights and perspectives of a female liberal journalist and graduate of the Ethical Culture Fieldston School must provide the best possible guidance in these philosophically vexing situations. Or, at least, that’s what the New Yorker evidently thinks.

And Jane Mayer duly delivers a breathless critique of all things Bush Administration, punctuated with ringing and high-sounding slogans. Several ironically supplied by Daniel Pearl’s widow:

It’s not enough for officials to call me and say they believe it (that KSM murdered Daniel Pearl)… You need evidence.”

“An intelligence agency is not supposed to be above the law.”

And, if the opinions of a nice middle-aged Jewish lady practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism on war-time evidentiary standards are not enough to indict the Bush Administration, Mayer brings in another key moral authority, Representative Alcee Hastings, the former federal judge who, having been impeached and removed from office for corruption and perjury, simply went off and ran for Congress from a safe democrat seat minority district.

Representative Alcee Hastings, a Democratic member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, said, “We talk to the authorities about these detainees, but, of course, they’re not going to come out and tell us that they beat the living daylights out of someone.” He recalled learning in 2003 that Mohammed had been captured. “It was good news,” he said. “So I tried to find out: Where is this guy? And how is he being treated?” For more than three years, Hastings said, “I could never pinpoint anything.” Finally, he received some classified briefings on the Mohammed interrogation. Hastings said that he “can’t go into details” about what he found out, but, speaking of Mohammed’s treatment, he said that even if it wasn’t torture, as the Administration claims, “it ain’t right, either.”

Personally, I think beating the living daylights out of KSM would be only a good start.

One Feedback on "How to Handle a Killer"

Terrorist Hunter ID#09-11-01

BEATING THE TAR out of K.S.M is pointless…Because Obama will feel sorry for him and then we’ll hear about the 4am secret Presidential pardon 3 years after he was released into the US with 1 million in cash and 200 lbs of TNT…….

Lets start with…….Duct-taping KSM to a chair wearing a outfit similar to Hannibal Lecter….
( @ this time.he’s aboard a C-130 and wearing a hood over his head….. you are cruising at an altitude of 18,000 ft(Wait, theres more) He’s bleeding a little from the pancuronium bromide injection and in alot of PAIN…(this injection paralyzes the his muscles without affecting the nerves or brain……”The individual injected with pancuronium bromide is conscious without being able to move or speak, thus giving the impression of serenity or tranquility..”..by doing this, you wont have to listen to him screaming, singing praise to Obama or demanding that Hillary Rodham Clinton be hired onto his american legal team of democrat senators defending him in court………… when he is kicked out ( He’ll look like Hans Gruber from DIE HARD, only, he’ll fall from 18,000 feet in the air )….Push him closer to the open ramp and then you add 1000lbs of weight to him and push him out of the plane.

…Is this too much..?

Make him look like the acorn in ICE AGE-the movie ( falling to earth so fast that he glows red-hot…..and burn to a cinder before hitting the squirrel, umm the Ground

we all want K.S.M Deader than dead, right..? a big splat mark on the ground and completely worthless to the virgins in paradise, right.?

and unavailable for a discreet and treasonous 4am Obama presidential pardon and communion of sentence..am i right on this..?

And continue with the next most dangerous terror suspect…

repeat what you did to KSM…

—Try to Envision Yosemite Sam when he hit the earth over and over and ended up standing before the Devil himself….of course K.S.M will not survive after hitting the desert floor @ 150+ MPH…….and He would never Kill again…..after this


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