12 Sep 2007

New CA Gun Bill Requires Handguns to Feature Imaginary, Easily-Thwarted Technology

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The democrat crazies in the California legislature strike again.

San Diego Union Tribune:

The Assembly sent the governor a bill yesterday requiring that the next generation of semiautomatic handguns stamp identifying serial numbers on spent shell casings.

The legislation that would establish the first law of its kind in the nation could have a lasting impact on the war on crime, according to backers. But the limited application of the bill does not figure to be felt for several years.

The bill covers only new models or brands of semiautomatic handguns approved for sale in the state after Jan. 1, 2010. That excludes nearly 1,300 different semiautomatics already sold in the state. Revolvers, which do not discharge shell casings, also are not covered.

Nonetheless, supporters said tagging microscopic codes on ammunition fired from the guns of choice for gang members and violent criminals could prove invaluable to law enforcement.

“Chiefs of police from Stockton to San Diego, from Fresno to National City, 65 of them standing together in support of this bill because they see the potential to solve gun crime,” said Assemblyman Mike Feuer, a Los Angeles Democrat who carried the measure, AB 1471. …

But in a passionate debate between gun-control Democrats and gun-rights Republicans, critics dismissed the technology as unreliable, expensive and easily thwarted. They warned that it would drive up the price of guns and drive manufacturers out of the state.

“There is nothing like this is any other state, and no other state is seriously considering this because they know it doesn’t work,” said Lawrence Keane, general counsel of the National Shooting Sports Council, an industry trade association.

The Assembly approved the bill on a 43-29 vote that fell largely along party lines. The Senate narrowly passed the bill last week. All involved are now closely watching for a signal from Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has taken no position on the bill.

Oh yes, California’s gang violence over drug distribution turf invariably takes the form of an Agatha Christie-style country house murder, in which Sherlock Holmes needs an assist from Rube Goldberg in determining if it was Colonel Mustard who shot Professor Plum in the library by identifying the true owner of the still-smoking Webley found smack in the middle of the oriental rug.

And no one less wily than Professor Moriarity himself would ever think of taking a file to their proposed-stamping mechanism in order to thwart those cunning legislators. Right!

3 Feedbacks on "New CA Gun Bill Requires Handguns to Feature Imaginary, Easily-Thwarted Technology"

Scott D

C’mon. The objective is to “Do Something”. It doesn’t have to be something effective or even workable. If that were a criterion, 80% of what legislative bodies do would be ruled out. BTW, it was Mr. Green in the Alley with an Uzi.

John Lewis Mealer

From my cold dead fingers.

There are towns in Tennessee where a gun in every household is mandatory and the crime rate is ZERO. Gun accidents ZERO.

Dominic Mammina

So all criminals have to do is pick up spent casings, or use a gun that they didn’t buy from the local gun store after jan 2010? Do the gun-control proponents think that most criminals really buy thier firearms like the law abiding citizens do? Part of the reason the whole idea of assault weapons bans is bogus is because by definition, criminals don’t abide by the rules. If I were a manufacturer, I would steer clear of California with this new bill. I think when they stop disarming the good citizens of America crime rates will fall- Kudos to John L Mealer above…

Let’s keep fighting the good fight for our gun rights for the safety of our families and our communities!


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