12 Sep 2007

The Perfect Candidate for the Democrat Base

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Doug Patton thinks he’s identified one.

..the core, the heart, the base of the Democratic Party has become a loony gaggle of special interest groups on the fringes of American civilization.

They are driven by far-left ideology, and they are represented by the likes of paranoid billionaire George Soros and the organizations he supports. MoveOn.org, a web site originally founded to defend Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, has morphed into a collection of political crazies, as has the Daily Kos, the Huffington Post and a number of others.

These hateful organizations represent the views of the hardcore voters who participate in Democrat primaries, and many of them are not happy with today’s crop of Democrats. Hillary Clinton, who has spent the last forty years of her life devoted to a left-wing ideology, is not liberal enough for many of these people. Her realization that she cannot win a general election without offending them has given some in her campaign heartburn.

Barrack Obama is too militaristic for them after his threat to invade Pakistan. Recently, even the traditional idols of the left, the Kennedys, have run afoul of some in the blogosphere’s hate machine. It seems that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and his Uncle Ted are opposed to the construction of a wind farm on Nantucket Sound because it would be visible from the area where they sail their yachts.

So who can a leftist wacko really love these days? It has to be someone who, first and foremost, hates George Bush. That’s a given. Then there is the requirement that the United States surrender to al-Qaida and leave Iraq immediately.

Of course, this person has to view America as a blight on the rest of the world, especially on all the wonderful, peaceful people of the planet, from Native Americans to the North Vietnamese to the Iraqis. Blaming America first for virtually everything is an absolute requirement. Environmental extremism is an important part of the agenda, so this political savior would have to spout the PC line on global warming. And, of course, capitalism must be regarded as a bane that has brought misery to all who have ever suffered under it.

But what leader could possibly fill the bill for American lefties? Why, Osama bin Laden, of course. The world’s most famous terrorist has delivered a new message, via videotape, much of it to the American people.

Bin Laden rambles through his latest screed reciting the same kind of nonsense made famous by America haters across the Internet and even in public life. He blathers on about how Donald Rumsfeld was somehow responsible for killing two million people in Vietnam. He tells us how concerned he is about America’s sub-prime mortgage “crisis.” He blames the U.S. for global warming. He criticizes congressional Democrats for continuing the war in Iraq and warns that America will lose. He invites us all to embrace Islam. And most important, he excoriates the American people for electing George W. Bush to a second term, telling us that we are “not innocent.”

Osama bin Laden embodies everything liberal Democrats love in a leader. In fact, if he were standing on the stage at one of their presidential debates, spouting the same ideas he put forth in his latest video, he would be a bona fide hit among their base.

One Feedback on "The Perfect Candidate for the Democrat Base"

Scott D

Looking forward to the faceoff with Ron Paul.


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