14 Sep 2007

Interpreting Bin Laden

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Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch explicates the recent Bin Laden videos, identifying both the invitation to convert to Islam and the dyed beard as signals of an imminent attack on the US.

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Victor Narbut Lea

What concerns me more than your inability to state in readable, understandable english the agenda you promote, is your betrayal of your heritage. We never stood for elitism on any level. A person of your apparent intellect and training could have made a difference in the lives of ordinary people. Instead, you appear to muckrake for no purpose other than to satiate your intellectual curiousity.

Victor N. Lea

Dominique R. Poirier

Mr. Lea,
it doesn’t behoove to me to answer on behalf of Mr. David Zincavage. I have no doubt that he shall express himself in a more suitable way than mine, if ever he means to. I’m no more than a loyal reader of Never Yet Melted since as recently as November 2006, and coincidence makes that I appreciate it for the very reasons you did complain about; that is to say its intellectual diversity and its provocative and particular humor anyone is not expected to appreciate, of course. As such, I claim my right to express an opinion countering yours.

I believe that the heritage you are making allusion to has been best expressed in the form of the Amendments of this country whose first one grants, and even encourages, freedom of speech. I do not pretend to lecture you about this, of course. For, it just happens that you made profit of this right to express yourself about Mr. Zincavage’s tastes and speech; that is, this of this very blog. If you are a regular reader of it as I am, then you couldn’t but notice how patently obvious it is that its author does publish anything does please him and that he is looking neither for large audience, nor for profit. Also, it is unmistakable that Never Yet Melted expresses little consideration for this cautious and somewhat controversial attitude best known as “political correctness.”

Diversity and plurality of thoughts, tastes and opinion, does characterize the United States of America, and this characteristic unique among all other nations of this world is mainly responsible for its success in many domains, indeed. At this last regard, and beyond the purpose of liberty, a more personal opinion makes me suggest that elitism couldn’t but be influential at some point. Isn’t elitism anything but the human form of natural selection as defined first by Charles Darwin?
As American citizen, as I surmise you are, are you not indebted to this elitism you question for enjoying a decent living and this permanent possibility to publicly complain about anything does not please you? Since it is obvious that you are an educated and intelligent person, you can hardly gainsay that such a right would be denied to you, as to Mr. Zincavage, in any of those numerous other countries where freedom and liberty of similar scope have been simply made unlawful. Thus, you should not have to complain about any betrayal of such heritage and elitism since no such thing as the blog Never Yet Melted would ever exist for wants of it.

Anyways, like you, doubtless, I do not limit my readings to Never Yet Melted, and I consider that reading this blog is nothing but a leisure activity which does not necessarily imply full agreement with each and every points of view as expressed by its author.

These considerations being said, I am just wondering why you did take the time to express your criticism in a so harsh manner while the best option reason commanded to a person thus educated in such circumstances was just to stop reading this blog and to resume your researches for readings of similar originality, but more suitable to your tastes?


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