20 Oct 2007

New York Times Prospective Employee Exam

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Sample question:

Complete the following: “Bush is to Hitler as…”

a. Jeffrey Dahmer is to Clay Aiken.

b. A serial rapist is to a benign snuggler.

c. Full-blown AIDS is to a hangnail.

d. A skyscraper is to Lincoln Logs.

Complete test.

One Feedback on "New York Times Prospective Employee Exam"

Scott D

21. Columnist Paul Krugman made the following observation, “Yesterday’s market activity is a clear rejection of Bush’s tax cuts and deficit spending that will precipitate a major financial crisis any week now.” When would it be appropriate to use this quote in a economic story you are preparing?

a. When the market has moved up 200 points
b. When the market has moved down 200 points.
c. Both of the above.


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