30 Oct 2007

Hillary, Doomed to Lose?


Jim Geraughty:

Pollster Scott Rasmussen just shared this fascinating observation in an interview: When you average the head-to-head matchups with Hillary Clinton vs. any of the Republicans, she’s always getting 46 to 49 percent against any of them.

    “When we polled her against Ron Paul, she got 48 percent of the vote. When we polled on Ron Paul among people who knew who Ron Paul is, she got 48 percent of the vote. When we polled among people who didn’t know who Ron Paul is, she got 48 percent percent of the vote.”

It may be that things just have not changed very much since 2000.

The country is deeply, and almost evenly, divided between urban coastal democrat voters and red state Republican voters, but we Republicans have just a tiny little margin in the numbers.

One Feedback on "Hillary, Doomed to Lose?"


I live in California and resent being called a coastal Democrat. While I know many Socialists live here, many of us despise that witch and will never vote for her. I can’t believe there is difference in her numbers, why on earth would anyone vote for her, unless they want her bribe. That disgusts me. That whore will do and promise anything to get in office, then we we will be completely screwed. I changed from Libertarian, to Republican, just to vote for Ron Paul.


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